legally accurate

Advices for those who translate for the first time.

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While translating the documents you should pay special attention to the following recommendations:


While translating proper names, names of firms, addresses etc. it is necessary to use the same translation which is specified in other official documents. For example, while translating names and surnames, it is necessary to use the same writing, as well as in the passport. Translating the name of firm you should pay attention whether the charter of the firm provides the name in a foreign language. If the name is specified, the company name “Зеленый одуванчик” will be translated as “Green dandelion”. If the charter does not provide such information, the name shall be written by translit “Zelenii oduvanchik”.


It is important to remember, that documents, translation of which or which copy should be certified notarially, should contain the following requisites:

  • Reference number, date of drawing up of the document;
  • Full name (without abbreviations) of the enterprise, organization, establishment which issued the document, with indication their address;
  • Signature (or signatures) of the authorized person;
  • Print of round stamp of the enterprise, the organization, the establishment.


While translating official documents everything should be translated, including seal and stamps. You have to be sure that prints of seals and stamps of copies of documents provided by you are clearly visible. If you submit for translation several documents, it is obligatory to draw up the list of the documents transferred to agency. It will allow avoiding situations when documents are lost.