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The Day of Ukrainian writing and language.

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It is a holiday which is celebrated yearly in Ukraine on 9th of November.

From 1997 Day of Ukrainian writing is celebrated each year on 9th of November in honour of Reverend Nestor the Chronicler – the follower of creators of Slavic writing Cyril and Methodius.

It’s considered that exactly from Nestor the Chronicler the Ukrainian writing begins.

Today one who wishes can test his knowledge of Ukrainian language, because National radio company of Ukraine at 4:00 o’clock p. m. will hold All-Ukrainian dictation of national unity. Participant can be everyone; the main thing today is to send his work to the address (which will be put on the air). Participants whose work will be without errors or without any significant errors will receive encouraging prizes. Check all the works will be radio employees but wouldn’t send about them with corrected errors, too expensive. Later everyone will be able to compare his work with original text. Last year the number of participants has reached 12 thousands of people. In our legal translations agency you can order the translation from Russian into Ukrainian language (or vice verse) for 39 hrn. (1860 symbols, including blanks).