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Legal translations agency “Dictum Factum” specializes on translations of documents in legal subjects.


The title “Dictum Factum” is translated from Latin as “said – done”. This principle is basic for employees of our company. Working mainly with corporate clients, we ascertain the importance of the accuracy at order performance. The insignificant delay can lead to financial losses, especially in case of translation of official and commercial documents.

“Dictum Factum” is the part of the Group of companies “Vronskiy, Vronskaya and Partners” – prosperous law firm with a wide range of practices and services.

In the staff of our Group are not only translators with legal education but the practicians who know the nuances of current legislation.

It means that specialists of our Group in real time earn money by definitive legal wordings and help to save, protect, and increase capital assets of the clients.

The Group includes the following companies: “Vronskiy, Vronskaya and Partners” law firm, a specialized law agency “Family business”, legal translations agency “Dictum Factum” and registrar company “LawLab”.



“ Vronskiy, Vronskaya and Partners ” law firm is one of the first family law firms in Ukraine. Attorneys at law and lawyers of firm render a wide spectrum of professional legal services both Ukrainian, and foreign to legal and to physical persons. “Vronskiy, Vronskaya and Partners” carry out representation of interests of clients in courts, including economic and administrative courts (in particular, by consideration of disputes with participation of public authorities), the international arbitration. We also represent interests of our clients in affairs about bankruptcy. In more details about  “Vronskiy, Vronskaya and Partners” law firm you can read on the site

The specialized law agency “Family business” is the agency, which experts provide consultations for physical persons on any questions, not related to the commercial activity.


Lawyers of firm render services in the following field:

-         Making agreements of marriage;

-         Settlement of family disputes concerning sharing of common acquired property, payment of the alimony to children, definition of a residence of the child, a procedure of meetings and education/parenting of the child;

-         Support of the adoption procedure;

-         Settlement of disputes in the field of inheritance related to the real estate, invalidation of contracts on permanent alimony, wills;

-         Settlement of disputes concerning habitation (recognition of the property right, eviction etc.)


We consider that the family lawyer should not only present and protect interests of the client, but in advance warn about possible consequences of careless actions.


More detailed information about the specialized law agency “Family business” you can receive using the following website

Registrar company "LawLab" renders services in the field of registration of the enterprises and natural persons-entrepreneurs, carries out preparation of a package of documents necessary for registration, provides consultations concerning registration and provides the procedure of registration as quickly as possible/in the shortest terms. The law laboratory also provides a full complex of the services related to the reception of permissions and licences, necessary for realization of economic activities, permissions of Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine, permissions on employment of foreigners, registration of the rights to real estate, registration (accreditation) before the customs bodies, registration of shares issue, registration of credit contracts with the non-resident.


More detailed information about registrar company "LawLab" you can receive using the following website